“For design concepts, our starting point is simple: create a sensory sanctuary that stimulates mind, body, and soul.”

Cary Collier, Principal

We may be sheltered in place but we’re still here!
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“While it’s the creative side of our team that breathes the soul into our projects, it’s the analytical side that assures our projects are functional and, ultimately, best positioned for profitability.”

Doug Chambers, Principal

Our Work Spans The Globe

Our Work Spans The Globe

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The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, Japan

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, Japan

Blu Spas, Inc., an international spa design, consulting, and management company, is an industry leader in award-winning spas.

Whether it’s design and concept planning, management and training, spa menu and product line development, or creating a standard operations and marketing manual, the firm delivers extraordinary talent, diverse experience, and a commitment to implementing the client’s vision.

We believe that developing, and…ultimately, operating, a spa requires a healthy balance of left brain and right brain skills, much like most artistic projects.

It’s the creative side that innovates, transcends, and inspires, but the analytical side that gives structure, context, and function.